Warning! Warning! Warning!

From tillietoiler on 12/13/2000 10:32:20 PM

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
The sad, sad tale of this old dear.
I smoked and smoked for 51 years
I struggled to quit with many tears.
But, alas, I waited much too long
And, yes, I know that I was so wrong.
I have Emphysema, lung cancer, too
Allergic to everything, even the zoo. (ok but it rhymes)

I've struggled to quit three times this year
And really thought I was getting near.
Then I got sick again, went to ER
And learned to my sorrow just how far
My health has gone down, for now it's my heart.

ENOUGH of my moaning, groaning and fears.
Just want all the Newbies around here to hear
What can happen to you, should you not keep your quit.
And don't think it can't or I'll have a fit.
It's too late for me but not for you.
So stay with your Quit! Please don't go Boo Hoo.

Old Nic didn't get me, I just plain gave up
My problems too massive, I can't hold them up.

END OF POEM, dear friends. Other than the Emphysema, I seemed to be fine until I tried to quit. Jan. 19 Quit; Heart surgery in Feb. Started smoking again April 3. Quit April 20; lung cancer surgery May 11. Back to smoking early July. Quit Dec 3; Dec. 10, find enlarged Left Ventricle (heart) and abnormal EKG. (Coincidence? Probably). Will be seeing doctor soon (tomorrow, I hope) and will consult with him. But, on top of living with 2 chain smokers, financial problems, and so much tension in the house, I just can't do it. IF I am able to move to myself in Feb. or March, I will probably try again. I DON"T LIKE SMOKING! I feel as tho I've let so many people down but not as badly as I've let myself down. Forgive me and I hope to see you later in the winter.
A very humble Mary

Mary did indeed stop smoking! We lost her in December! If you are struggling, please read her profile!