A Controlling Force

By J. Goodman

I've killed before
You know I'll kill again.
You played with me
I made you think you could win.

I've embedded myself
far into your you.
Remembering how
You gorged on me too.

Feeling like a movie star
Such a gay affair.
As you watched my dance
Making castles in the air.

Oh but what I've taken
The people I've slain.
I count up my riches
And laugh at your pain.

I got your mother
I may get your child.
You all start out thinking
That I'm friendly but wild.

And now I will take you
Real fast or maybe slow.
I have you completely.
I summon you low.

Unto me come now.
You owe me a debt.
You'll remember me my love
Light just one more cigarette.

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