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Quit Related

A Controlling Force

A Pack a Day

A Special Letter

Advice Alphabet

Best Friend

Dear Cigarettes

Don't Quit

Don't Quit (another poem)

Do You Really Think You Can Quit?

I Am Addiction

I Was Gonna Quit Tomorrow

If You'd Only Help Me To

My Cigarette, My Friend

My Name is Nicotine

One Tin Solider~A Quiter's Version

Please Quit

Please Try

Stand Behind Me

Ten Signs of "Recovery" from Smoking

The Cigarette Speaks

The Gambler

The Life and Death of a Smoker

The NicoDemon

The Small Dark Room

The Twit in the Quit-Part I

The Twit in the Quit-PartII

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Not Quite Quit Related

20 Ways to be Happier

21 Bytes of Wisdom

24 Things to Always Remember &...One Thing to Never Forget

60 Things that are Happening Right Now

An Old Timer's Poem

Attitude Determines Attitude

Being Able to Dream


Each Life Affects Another

Hard Luck

How to Love Yourself

I Tried to Climb the Mountain Today

It Couldn't be Done

If Only We Believe

If You Have a Dream

It's All in the State of Mind

It's Spring!

It Takes Strength

Just for Today

Keep the Faith

Lessons from an Oyster

Moments in Life


Portrait of a Friend

Positive Lessons



Strength vs Courage

Take My Hand

Ten Commandments for Managing Stress

The American Dreams

The Beauty of a Woman

The Challenge

The Keeper of Friendship

The Rules for Being Human

The Rules of Chocolate

To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your A-Z



What a Parent Can Do


You Learn

Spiritually Related

A Place of Serenity

A Religous Poem

Forgive Me When I Whine


Gods Master Plan

He Gathers Every Teardrop

Heaven's Grocery Store

I Asked the Lord to Bless You

I May Never See Tomorrow

I Refuse to be Discouraged

I Would Like to Be

Its All About You

Mother's Prayer

On the Wings of a Prayer

Someone Cares

The Shepherd and His Lamb

This Too Shall Pass

A Little Bit of Humor

Listen to Your Puppy!

My Mom Taught me to Appreciate a Job Well Done

The Hamster Story

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