You try to make me believe all your lies
And you want me to smoke, so I won't ever be able to break the ties,
You whisper in my ear, and tell me that everything is fine,
And you even try to convince me that I'm not walking a thin line,
You try to represent something pleasant in my life,
But, what you don't tell me is your promises cut like a knife,
You try to block my efforts to quit, and cut me down,
And I try to keep my head up, wiping off the frown,
You don't know that I've learned your name,
And now I can fight back, because I'm beating you at your game,
You are the NICODEMON, and you're not that strong,
I will win, and you will lose, and it isn't going to take long,
You will shrivel up and die, because I don't fear you anymore,
I've accepted the addiction, so you can't linger at my core,
You don't have a hold on me,
So, every cigarette I don't smoke makes me free.

Tina(37days) aka drugfree on 04/02/2000 11:47:46 PM