God's Master Plan

My soul was like the raging sea,
no peace could calm the fears
so many things were going wrong,
which caused so many tears.

So many questions I asked the Lord,
so many answers I sought
I didn't know that in each trial
I was being taught.

So many trials and tribulations
which I first didn't understand
I couldn't see that God was working
out his master plan.

Wait on the Lord, He said,
and be of good cheer
don't worry about your enemies
I'm always here.

In this world you shall have
trials, tribulations and pains,
and though your friends may come and go
I'll always be the same.

Now God's love just covers me
in all I do and say
because I know He's always there
He leads me all the way.

His love comes in my speech
His love comes in my song,
and when I know I'm not doing right
His love comes when I'm wrong.

So when God takes you through trials
and you first don't understand
just remember that He is working
out His master plan.

---Author unknown

Sent to me by auntlovey 2-21-01, during a time when I was very depressed.