The Cigarette Speaks

(To a young Girl over a period of years)

I'm just a friendly cigarette
Don't be afraid of me!
Why all the advertisers say
I'm harmless as can be!
They tell you that
I'm like your, "best friend",
(I like that cunning lie!)
And say you'll "walk a mile" for me because I "satisfy."
So come on, girlie, be a sport
Why longer hesitate?
With me between your pretty lips
You'll be quite up to date!
You may not like me right at first,
But very soon I'll bet,
You'll find you just can"t get along
Without a cigarette!
You've smoked one package, so I know I've nothing now to fear,
When once I get a grip on girls,
They're mine for life my dear!
Your freedom you began to lose,
The very day we met.
When I convinced you it was smart
To smoke a cigarette!
The color's fading from your cheeks
Your finger-tips are stained
And now you'd like to give me up
But sister you are chained!
You even took a drink last night!
I thought you would ere long
For those whom I enslave soon lose
Their sense of right and wrong
Year after year I've fettered you, and led you blindly on
Till now you're just a bunch of nerves.
With looks and health both gone
You're pale and thin and have a cough
The doctor says "T.B."
He says you can't expect to live Much longer, thanks to me
But it's to late to worry now;
When you became my slave,
You should have known the chances were
You'll fill an early grave.
And now that I have done my best
To send your soul to hell
I'll Leave you with my partner
He's come for you.

By - Elizabeth Hassell

Food for thought
From spooks on 3/3/2001 3:59:11 PM