Best Friend

There is always talk of giving up our “best friend” when we quit smoking. We feel that a romance has ended, that we are grieving, missing out on something. I believe those feelings are instilled by cigarette advertising companies, giving us a false sense of security about our smoking habit (aside from the physical addiction to nicotine). As young people we believed that we would fit in with peers, look sophisticated, solve all our problems if we puffed away!

We are definitely missing something when we quit smoking. We are missing the barrier that shielded us from everyday life. Addictions keep us from dealing with our feelings; they falsely shelter us from facing emotions, and I believe that is one of the reasons many people fall off the quit wagon. It is very hard work overcoming these barriers and learning to accept ourselves for who we are. We sometimes face a tumultous flow of emotions that tempt us so badly we come within a thread of giving up. Many of us have been smoking for most of our lives - we don’t remember not smoking!

When you feel yourself caving in remember it is only your “best friend” whispering in your ear, and he is really a deadly enemy in disguise - he wants to kill you. Don’t despair - you are worth this fight - believe in yourself and never be afraid to reach out for help.

Originally posted by LizE: