A** AVOID negative sources, people, things, and habits like smoking. ~bolero

B** BELIEVE in yourself. You can do this. ~bolero

C** CONSIDER how lucky you are to be a non-smoker. ~bolero

D** DROWN those cravings with water. ~WoadGirl

E** ENJOY the freedom from NIC and $$$ saved. ~mamaruth

F** FORGET your past love affair with cigarettes. ~FreeFromTabacco
F** FIND FRIENDS on the Q to help you through tough spots and who will also celebrate each accomplishment with you ! Quit buds are the best. ~astroo

G** GIVE each other the strength and hope to carry on. ~Andifay
G** GRATITUDE and GUM. Develope an attitude of GRATITUDE and chew lots of GUM ! And have a Grrrrrrrreat quit! ~Tigg
G** GIVE and GET help, right here on the Q !!!!! ~applejill

H** HANG on to that quit no matter what! Smoking is not an option. Dee1

I** as in "I" don't smoke !!! ~Rufustoo

J** JUST don't smoke. ~zippydiaperlips

K** KEEP the quit...KISSES taste better :} ~beentheredonethat
K** KEEP the quit of course!!!!!!!!! KTQ ~nanababe

L** LOVE yourself and your family enough to not smoke ever again ! ~freedom67
L** LOVE yourself by not smoking. ~Kymber
L** LEARN that smoking SUCKS! ~Kymber

M** MOTIVATION and strength will make you an X-smoker. ~jellyMN

N** NEVER, NEVER, NEVER another puff. ~caza1958

O** For ORAL hygiene, no more foul breath. ~keithwislow

P** PAUSE and think of all the glorious benefits of not smoking, and to REMEMBER your reasons to Quit ! ~supershe

Q** QUIT, QUIT, QUIT and stay QUIT ! (This was too easy! One week today for me! Hurray !) ~alexva
Q** QUIT all together ! ~4sunshine

R** RESIST the urge to smoke! Every crave resisted makes you stronger ! ~applejill

S** SUNFLOWER SEEDS, SKITTLES, SNICKERS.... you get the idea ! ~Dee1

T** TASTE the fresh air, the smoke free air, and also.... TAKE TIME TO enjoy your new life. ~supershe

U** UNDERGARMENTS- of the black lacey type, worn on your head when you're a Qster. ~LaLynn

V** For VERY proud which is how you and your family and friends will be when you kick the cigs out of your life !!!!!! ~Solance

W** WATER, WATER, WATER. You can never drink to much WATER. Flush that nicotine right out of your system. ~withoutmerit

X** X marks the spot for this wonderful site. The Q !!! ~Julie7227

Y** YUCKY, the taste of former cigarettes. ~FreeFromTabacco

Z** ZIP up the stairs without losing your breath !!! Deb ( who lives on the second floor ) ~NewMe4Me
Z** ZERO for the number of cigarettes we will smoke today. ~ora
Z** Is for the ZEALOUS manner that I and all of us must have to keep that ol nicdemon in its place - no where near us !! ~smallgasengine
Z** ZIPPITY Doo Dah, ZIPITY Ay, My oh my what a no smoking day, Plenty of oxygen heading my way, ZIPPITY Doo Dah, ZIPPITY ay ~afewles

advice alphabet From jellyMN on 11/24/00 4:14:36 PM On November 20th, bolero kindly started an alphabet thread. I watched it early on, added mine, and kept checking back til the end. I then stored it in my personal library thinking I would love to see it all on one page that I could print and tape to the door. So for any it is