Ten Signs of Recovery from Smoking

10. Your spouse has placed large "L" and "R" decals in opposite corners of your windshield.

9. You lock your keys in the car...

8. With the engine running...

7. With a 6-month old baby inside...

6. It's somebody else's baby, but you do not remember whose.

5. You forget the PIN number for your ATM card, and when you call the bank for help, you cannot remember your mother's maiden name, either.

4. Late last night, you found a rhyme for "http://www.quitnet.org." Today, you cannot remember it.

3. You cannot straighten your mouse-button finger

2. You can readily straighten the one next to it, and do so quite often.

1. You cannot remember whose dried blood that is on the edge of the kitchen sink.

Author ToddL

From Karl
(picked up for you from the web)