Quit Smoking Mantra's
(mantra's that I've collected)
"A short time in hell is worth a life time of freedom."

"Better (to carry around) fat than an oxygen tank."
"Better to be in a foul mood for a short time than dead for a long time"
"Breathe deep, hug hard, live long."
"Breathing Deeply cuz I CAN!!!!!!!"

"Cancer is the "gift" smokers give themselves!"
"Cigarettes got PEE in them."
"Compared to Forever, this is Small Potatoes."

"Death to the Fat Guys."
"Do anything but smoke, sing, yell, dance, cry, walk, post, post, post, etc., etc."
"Don't feed the Junkie"
"Donít look back, you're not going that way."
"don't quit quitting.."

"Fight the Good Fight."
"Free Breathing Restored."

"Hell, if the dam breaks, we'll all just learn to swim."
"Hold on to your quit, hold on for dear life - because your life is dear!"
"Hold on to your VICTORY --- Hold on to your LIFE!"

"I am worth it!"
"I am not going through withdrawal, I am going through recovery."
"I didn't do this to make my life easier -- I did it to make my life better."
"I don't smoke, I don't need to smoke I don't even like smoking."
"I saved myself and I thank me."
"I shot the Malboro Man!"
"I will not bring a serial killer into my home and invite him to kill me."
"I will not smoke, even if my Ďchinsí fall off."
"I won't smoke, EVEN IF MY ASS FALLS OFF."
"I won't smoke, EVEN IF MY MOUTH FALLS OFF."
"I'd rather come to visit and find you fat, than come to visit and find you dead."
"I'd rather be a non-smoker who SOMETIMES thinks about a cigarette, THAN a smoker who is ALWAYS thinking about quitting."
"I'm just a puff away from a pack a day!"

"Keep the faith."
"Keep those quits and quitmeters running ...."
"Keepiní the quit and keepiní the faith."
"Keep those quits and quitmeters running."

"Look what we are doing to our precious children."

"My life is mine....and I'm taking it back from the nicodemon a little at a time (but the chunks I'm taking are getting bigger)!!!"

"Never ever give in to your addicted mind."
"Nico's filth, Nico's smut, Stub him out and kick his butt!"

"One cigarette never was and never will be enough !!!"

"Proud to be a Quitter"

"Quitting is hard; dying is harder!"
"Quitting smoking is a matter of Life and Breath."

"second by second, minute by minute, day by day, I will beat this......"
"Smoke free today and everyday...no butts about it!!!!"
"Smoking has nothing to offer but poor health, low self-esteem and worse."
"Smoking is a crisis in and of itself."
"Smoking is NOT AN OPTION."
"Smoking is not now, nor will it ever be, the solution to anything."
"Smoking is the cause of the pain you are in-NOT the solution."
"Stick and Stay it's Bound to PAY!"
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but cigarettes WILL kill me!!!!"

"The cravings will pass whether you smoke or not - so don't smoke!"
"This is life, there is no rehearsal."
"Today I choose not to smoke."
"Today is the first day of the BEST of your life!"

"Whatever it takes for as long as it takes"

"Yes, everyone dies sometime, but do we have to PAY for it?"
"You look better draped in a moo-moo than a funeral ensemble."

"Zero = Life; One = Infinity." ===============================================================================


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