How to Reward Yourself

It is important to reward yourself during your smoking cessation. Here are some ideas on how to reward this accomplishment.

Here's How:
Buy yourself a great new outfit with the money you saved from not smoking.

Go out for a great dinner in a favorite restaurant.

Take someone out to a play or movie.

Go to a sporting event featuring your favorite team.

Visit a Health Spa for one day and get "the works".

Sign up for a fitness course.

Go on a shopping spree in your favorite department store.

Hire a cleaning lady for a day or two.

Get a soothing massage.

Have a manicure and a pedicure.

Have a makeover done.

Visit a salon for a new hairstyle.

Buy a new Best-seller novel and curl up with it.

Buy a new computer program, game, or laptop computer.

Shop for some of your favorite music on CD's.

It has been a lot of hard work and emotional stress for you to quit cigarettes, the smartest thing you will ever do. So you deserve to reward yourself for a job well done. Keep doing things daily that will increase your self respect and pride in yourself. Allow yourself this success. Don't sabotage your success by giving in to "Junkie Thinking". You can be kind to yourself for a change.