430,700 Americans die a premature death each year due to smoking!

This number means that 22% of all deaths in this country each year are attributed to smoking! Amazing, isn't it!

75% of all coronary heart disease is attributed to smoking!

Cigarettes contain at least 43 distinct cancer causing chemicals!

Smoking is responsible for 87% of all lung cancer deaths!

Smoking is responsible for 95% of all emphysema deaths!

After one year of not smoking a person's risk of heart disease is cut by 50%! After 15 years a person's risk of heart disease is similar to a person who has never smoked!

In 5 to 15 years , the risk of stroke for ex-smokers is that of a non-smoker!

49 million American adults smoke in this country. That is 25% of the adult population. This figure is down dramatically from 42% in 1965! It really is possible to quit smoking!!

More than 4 out of 5 smokers say they want to quit smoking! More than 46 million Americans have quit smoking! Since 1965, more than 40% of all adults who ever smoked have quit! It really is possible to QUIT SMOKING!