10 Steps to Relapse

1. "Try" to quit

2. Idealize life without smoking

3. Associate your daily problems and disappointments with the fact that youíre not smoking.

4. Begin to buy into the idea that youíre more miserable now than before you quit

5. Start responding to your problems with, "If this keeps up, Iím going to smoke" then add "anyhow" then add "so why suffer anymore?"

(Alternate 3-5:
3. Associate your success with the idea that youíve licked the nicotine habit.
4. Begin to buy into the idea that you could smoke without getting hooked again
5. Follow-up this idea with, "I havenít smoked in ___ days/weeks/months/years" then add "I havenít had any cravings" then add "I could have just one" )

6. Buy, borrow or steal a cigarette.

7. Find a quiet, secluded place where you can be alone with the substance to which you have attributed all power and promise for fulfillment of your needs.

8. Feel yourself calming down even before you light up, which is actually the beast ceasing to scratch at your insides as you prepared to feed the addiction.

9. Light-up and suck in all the poison you can get in that first drag, while beginning the battle against being disappointed in yourself, noticing that this fight is not half as ferocious as it was to get the nicotine.

10. Within a few hits, feel dizzy, cough a little, smell the stink, and realize youíre not going to stop smoking that cigarette, youíll keep smoking despite the bad feelings, and wish you hadnít given in.